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    Bear River Winery is pleased to support and be an active member of our local community through charitable donations and other local organizations. We focus our benevolence locally on organizations that enhance the quality of life in our community. We look forward to reviewing your request for in-kind support as it fits into our defined guidelines:

    My/Our Event represents a Meadow Vista based organization. My event/fundraiser is scheduled to take place a minimum of 30 days from today. If you answer yes to both above statements, you may be eligible for a donation and we request that you fill out our donation request form below.

    If your answer is no, you do not meet our eligibility criteria. While we would like to provide support to all organizations and programs, unfortunately we are unable to do so. We wish you the best with your organization's efforts. Thank you.

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    Youth EducationAnimal RightsEnvironmentalQuality of Life

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    If we choose to select your event, are you willing to visit Bear River Winery to pick up a certificate?
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